Priority Security Services

Mission Statement

Now more than ever, as operations directors and facility managers, you face safety and security challenges of the highest order. Your security protection partners must be impeccably organized, immensely skilled, highly trained and experienced, supremely responsive, and on the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

For more than 20 years, Priority Security Services private security services provide a superior level of protection for people and facilities, mitigating today’s continuously evolving safety and security threats. We have partnered with local, national and international organizations to address challenging security demands across a broad range of environments, including government installations, office complexes, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, downtown business districts, and public parks.

Security Solutions for Complex, Dynamic Environments Expertise in facility security and public safety makes the difference. True preparedness comes from an in-depth and up-to-date understanding of security and public safety in dynamic environments. As the leader in protecting people and places, we continuously evaluate security industry trends to develop innovative and ever more effective security programs and procedures. Highly skilled in public interaction. With a long track record of protecting the patrons and assets of large-scale venues with millions of visitors every day, we have the unique expertise to handle the challenges of securing the most complex environments.

Comprehensive, continuous training requirements are rigorous to provide the best security solution for your needs. Our on-going professional development programs for our security personnel and management are recognized as the preeminent programs with the security industry, receiving numerous awards and recognition. Training programs are specifically designed for a multitude of public, private and government properties and environments. Personnel you can count on. Our industry leading screening and hiring practices form the highest quality security team, dedicated to every property and venue.

Priority Security Services personnel possess the right balance of experience, professionalism, personality and interpersonal communication skills required to interact with the public and provide a reassuring security presence through superior management and internal organization. We have meticulously built our organization to provide management support and supervision to all levels of our security teams. Our corporate infrastructure enables us to deliver a turnkey solution – transition planning, training consultation and development, site security reviews, staffing, on-site supervision, and corporate management performance audits. Our Emergency Communications Center and 24-hour access to Senior Management provides rapid response to all security situations.