Priority Security Services

Law Enforcement Style Security (LESS)

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This type of security work well for almost all types of businesses including but not limited to the following: Apartment Complexes; business complexes, convenience stores; restaurants; HOA’s; Hotels/Motels; Car Dealerships just to name a few. If you look at the core functions of Public Law Enforcement it has two main components;

1.       Police Officers in patrol vehicle-driving around seeking out criminal activity

2.       911 center- this is where citizens can call in and report criminal activity for police officers to respond.

Granted law enforcement also has community awareness officers,

neighbor watch, investigators, gang and drug departments.

But without the primary functions there would not be public

law enforcement.

Priority Security Services has taken this model to private security.

We used highly trained armed security officers in highly visible

marked patrol vehicles and un-marked patrol vehicles to patrol your

property. We require that our officers also foot patrol the property

with each patrol. These patrols are randomized to no one knows

when we are coming. Changing our rotations and patterns nightly.

We also have part 2, a fully staffed dispatch center for our clients

and tenants to call in to report, loitering, suspicious activity, loud

noises, and any non-emergency issues. We respond immediately.

Our officers are trained above the state requirements in handling

all types of issues. The dispatch center is open 24/7.

We are a 24 hour a day operations were some companies only respond during the evening hours we will respond and patrol the property during the day if requested.

Priority Security Services also offers many of the other functions of law enforcement include setting up neighbor watches, investigations, gang units, K-9 services and even drug unit.

Cost is so much less than having a dedicated officer, on property. Our rates start at $8.75 per patrol. Were dedicated rates can start has high as $20 per hour.

Pro’s of LESS Programs

1.       Get longer coverage time

2.       Highly trained officers

3.       Highly visible vehicles

4.       Communication center with weekly reports

5.       “Guard Post” verification

6.       Officer and Vehicle GPS

7.       Emailed reports directly to all level of management each time stamped and verified with “Guard Post” System. We don’t use a secondary system that you have to log into each day. We also email reports as needed to law enforcement contacts

8.       Lower cost (normal 8 hour dedicated shift at $14 per hour is about $3,400 a month our LESS program with 10 patrols per night (average is 5) at $8.75 per patrol is about $2,600 per month.

9.       You are only paying for the time our officers are spending on property.

10.   UNLIMITED service calls via our dispatch line. Example- if you have 5 patrols per night, and we have completed all 5 patrols and receive 3 service calls we will respond to each call at NO additional COST.

This program also allows public law enforcement to perform the primary duties of stopping major crimes. Priority Security Services has a open and ongoing communicate with Public Law Enforcement in each city and county we service.